Doris Ross’s Recovery Story

From the operating table to back on her feet after a complex surgery.

I was outside using a weed eater in my yard one afternoon. It seems like such a normal thing to be doing, but it certainly changed my life in the space of a second. I stumbled and fell, and instead of falling onto the grass I fell straight back into the street and hit my head. I ended up in ICU for 12 days with severe head trauma.

I knew of the Center from friends and family who had been there. They all had wonderful things to say, and my family felt that it was by far the best place for me to recover. I couldn’t agree more! When I first arrived I was truly incapacitated. I couldn’t walk or even talk. I had neurological damage from my fall and had to relearn almost everything, even things as simple as swallowing.

I worked with both occupational and physical therapists on the LifeWorks Rehab team and I truly cannot say enough good things about them. They began teaching me exercises to build strength and relearn life skills almost as soon as I arrived, and before long I was walking around the center. We worked hard with seven day a week therapy and my LifeWorks Rehab therapists did everything in their power to help me regain the skills I needed to return home. There was truly nothing they wouldn’t do to help me.

I would recommend the Center to anyone. I’m so thankful for the care I received and the people I met there who had such a huge impact on my recovery — I truly feel that I got a second chance at life.